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Bulwark Exterminating is a family-owned company that prides ourself on being different from the competition. We launched our company in 1999 with the following in mind – providing the highest quality pest extermination with 100% customer satisfaction as the rule. Our record stands on its own! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and our Greenville customers are not shy about recommending us to their friends and neighbors who experience pest control problems. While we have locations across the country, at Bulwark Exterminating, we’re big enough to know how to get the job done right, but small enough to care about our customers.
Pests We Can Help You Eliminate
  •  Argentine Ants
  •  Carpenter Ants
  •  Harvester Ants
  •  Little Black Ants
  •  Pharaoh Ants
  •  Odorous House Ants
  •  Pavement Ants
  •  Fire Ants
  •  Chiggers
  •  Ticks
  •  Fleas
  •  Field Crickets
  •  House Crickets
  •  Jerusalem Crickets
  •  House Centipedes
  •  Millipedes
  •  Pillbugs
  •  Rice Weevils
  •  Silverfish
  •  Sowbugs
  •  Springtails
  •  Mice
  •  Rats
  •  Roof Rats
  •  Cellar Spiders
  •  Hobo Spiders
  •  Blow Flies
  •  Carpenter Bees
  •  Flesh Flies
  •  Horseflies
  •  House Flies
  •  Indian Meal Moths
  •  Mud Daubers
  •  Wasps
  •  Velvet Ants
  •  Webbing Clothes Moths
  •  Yellow Jackets
  •  Carpet Beetles
  •  Centipedes
  •  Clovermites
  •  Earwigs
  •  Granary Weevils
  •  Grasshoppers
  •  American Roaches
  •  Brown Banded Cockroaches
  •  German Cockroaches
  •  Oriental Roaches
  •  Smokey Brown Roaches
  •  Scorpions
  •  Black Widow Spiders
  •  Wolf Spiders
  •  Jumping Spiders
A Company You Can Trust
Customer Reviews
We have been using [Bulwark] for over a year now and are very pleased with the service. Whenever we have any issues with anything (ants, scorpions, spiders, etc.) they come out and take care of it promptly. *
We LOVE Bulwark and routinely turn away all other pest control salesmen. Efraen is our current technician and is so friendly, genuine, and knows his stuff. While our neighbors tell us about their scorpion encounters, we smile and encourage them to switch to Bulwark. *
Love Bulwark. Omar came by today and was quick and very friendly. Each time they come we see a dramatic drop in roaches in our backyard. *
* Reviews are subjective. Your experience may vary.
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